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Cost Estimate
The cost of a website is directly related to its complexity--the number of pages, the type and placement of graphics, and the variety of content. But that's probably not the answer you're looking for. What you probably want is a ballpark estimate for your project, and getting one of those is as simple as emailing me.

Controlling Costs
Prioritize either budget or a site wish list; what you spend is up to you. I can give you a clear idea of what's required from the customer end--the information I'll need, the best format for content, and the preference decisions.

If you're learning the ropes of construction by working on your own site and would like it "proofed" for design or accessibility issues (or you're just looking for suggestions), give me a shout. You'd be surprised at the little things that make a big difference.

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Ad Design

Another of those things that delights my creative muse is ad creation. These are done in Photoshop, to the ad specs for each individual market. I'm happy to create something on my own or to take exacting direction. (Wondering about the black and white? Those were for print publication.) I work at the same hourly rates for ad design.

Lynn's ad

Reckoners and Sentinels Author ad

Connery's '10 BHV ad
Connery '09
Connery '08Connery Ad 2
Connery's ad

The Heat of the Moon ad 1

The Heat of the Moon ad 2

Wednesday October 13 2010

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